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As we say hello to the New Year and goodbye to the old, now is a great time to clear away the clutter. And even though no one else might see the inside of your closet, it’s a great place to start because it’s usually where you start the day – picking out your clothes (when you’re not wearing pjs of course!). Closet organization has become a year-round form of entertainment in its own right with shows like The Home Edit and Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, but starting out the year being able to find everything will give your soul and your life, some added peace! After all, there is nothing better to lift your mood than a clutter-free space. While the idea of a stylish and functional closet might sound like a dream come true, the process of getting there is often not as dreamy. However, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite organization tips and tricks to tackle closet organization once and for all.

But First, Remove Everything

We’re sure you’ve heard this rule a few times already, and there is a reason it’s so popular. There is no better way to approach closet organization than to remove everything and take inventory before inventing a new storage system. Sort through the contents, group similar items together by category and get rid of any duplicates, as well as items that no longer serve you. Consider if each piece reflects your current personal style, how many times a year do you wear it and if you would buy it again.

Evaluate Your Habits

Once you’ve decided what you’re keeping and what you’re donating, think about your daily dressing routine. Utilize harder-to-access storage areas such as overhead or floor bins for occasional or seasonal pieces while keeping daily essentials at proximity. Reflect on how you style yourself and whether you start putting together an outfit by first picking a color, texture, category and keep your basic go-to items at an arm’s reach.

Add a Catch-All

If you have a habit of not putting accessories back to their homes right away, add a basket or bin at the easiest point of access in your closet so you don’t have to worry about tidying at the end of each day. Instead, make it a weekly practice to go through what the bin has collected and put things away to their places, which is a lot simpler than going around the entire house gathering your belongings.

Unify What You See

The simplest step you can take to decrease visual clutter in your closet is to replace your hangers. Take the wire ones back to the dry cleaners and donate the colorful plastic hangers that came home with you from the store. Instead, invest in matching felt, acrylic or wooden hangers. This will not only save space but will be easier on the eye forming a streamlined look.

Do It Year-Round

The key to having an organized closet at all times is to assess its contents at least once every season. Instead of waiting to do a major makeover once a year that will leave you overwhelmed, go through what you have every quarter and decide if it’s worth keeping something for next year.

Even better – whenever you buy a new item, ask yourself if it can replace something you already have, instead of simply adding to the pile. By taking a mindful approach, you will keep your wardrobe aligned with your style and goals, as well as ensure you always have enough hangers and drawer space.

If you’re looking to start fresh with your closet space in a new house, we’re here to help! Tour our available homes at Woodbridge in Roseville and Sycamore in Rohnert Park today to find one of your dreams. In the meantime, happy organizing and happy New Year!

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