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Summer has arrived and Fourth of July is right around the corner! While pool time, barbecuing, and popsicles are still in our reach, unfortunately many traditional parades and parties have been canceled this year for safety reasons.

Not to worry… there are many ways to get festive without setting things on fire! Here are just a few ideas to make this Fourth of July just-as-fun without fireworks.

No-Fire Firecrackers

If you’ve recently moved into your new Signature home or bought something big that arrived packaged in bubble wrap, put it to fun use! Lay it out on the street and run (or bike!) over it with the kids. The popping noise is representative of the sound of firecrackers, and the best part – little clean-up required!

Glow Sticks

For night-time fun, supply all the family members with glow sticks in patriotic colors. As the sun is setting, the colors will start coming through and will stay on for the rest of the night. Play a round of tag in the backyard or have a glow-in-the-dark dance party!

Science Experiment

Throwing Mentos into soda is a true classic that is always exciting. Stick a dozen pieces of Mentos in a plastic tube, place a piece of cardstock over it and set it on top of the bottle opening. Pull the paper from underneath the tube and run! Your Mentos will fall into the bottle creating an instant eruption and fun for the whole family.

Tip: Use diet soda for easier cleanup, as it’s less sticky.

Balloon Fireworks

For a safer alternative to confetti poppers, stuff balloons with paper confetti before blowing them up. Just as fun and just as loud!

Confetti Eggs


Those with sensitive ears will love this DIY alternative to confetti pops. Simply hollow out and rinse large eggs, dye the shells in a mix of hot water, food coloring and a tablespoon of vinegar. Cut up strips of tissue paper, stuff the eggshells and seal the opening with a piece of tape. Voila!

Silly String

Silly string is another classic that always brings a smile. You can turn it into a family competition and let the kids blow off some steam as they run around the yard spraying each other. You can easily find those silly string in red, white and blue as well.

After all, the best part of the Fourth of July is time spent with family and friends. With these fun alternatives, you won’t even miss the real fireworks but will definitely keep everyone safe.

Now that you have the activity part of your patriotic party planned, check out our Fourth of July Pinterest board for menu and décor inspiration.

Cheers to the summer season in your Signature home!

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