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Introducing everyone’s favorite sidekick and Signature Homes’ mascot, Bentley, born March, 2017. A Yellow Labrador Retriever is great at retrieving. And Bentley doesn’t discriminate…he loves all dog toys whether they are squeaky, bouncy or stuffed. But, he is partial to strong kong boomerang toys or anything he can tear apart.

Bentley is a wonderful companion and friend who loves to be part of his family and all the attention they provide. He loves everyone! Especially if they have treats. Labs love, love, love to eat and Bentley falls in sync with his breed brothers and sisters on this subject. Thank goodness he equally loves walks, which keeps him looking handsome and fit.  He’ll let you know it’s time to go by bringing you his leash. Clever pooch. It should be noted, Bentley walks on the leash like a rockstar.

Bentley is equal parts love, patience, energy, loyalty and so much more. What’s the secret to his shiny coat? Read on to learn more about our beloved canine and be sure to follow us @SigHomes on Instagram or Facebook as we share Bentley’s journey this year. #bentleythemascot #sighomesmascot 

At the Office:

Bentley loves spending the day working in our Signature office with staff members who adore him. He has a can-do attitude that ensures the task at hand will be handled to perfection, including eating all the treats offered up to him in a very timely manner.

Bentley brings a lot to the table in the office, such as his natural curiosity and endless enthusiasm for sitting on office furniture and greeting the UPS driver at the door each day. He’s an excellent team player and gets along well with others, especially if they stash treats in their desk drawers.

A few of his favorite things at the office are…

Favorite spot to catch a nap: Curled up under Juliann’s chair in her office. As for pillow preference? He’s an easy-going guy who doesn’t mind suede or faux sheepskin – he just loves a nice soft pillow to rest on.

Favorite person to bring the ball to is Dorthey in Accounting. She knows how happy it makes Bentley to fetch a ball, squeaky or bouncy.

First person to beg a treat off: Cathy P., she knows the way to Bentley’s heart is through his tummy.

Best tummy rubs and ear scratches: Doreen the Escrow Coordinator knows the best spots and is happy to accommodate his begging with a little tummy time.

Teaches Bentley new tricks: Juliann, VP of Sales and Marketing. She knows Bentley loves to learn new things and is eager to please.

Best walking companion: Nick the Asst. Escrow Coordinator takes Bentley on walks throughout the day. Bentley will remind him it’s time to get up and stretch his legs by bringing his leash to him.

Makes sure Bentley always looks stylish: Vivian I. is a trusted friend that always has Bentley’s back.

Secret Style Tip: Routine spa treatments keep Bentley’s beautiful coat shining! He loves to be pampered with a good pawdicure and styling. Follow it up with a good chest and belly rub and his day is pure heaven. Oh, Bentley…it’s good to be you!

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