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Summer break is here and as parents, we are always looking for creative ways to keep kids engaged and entertained during the summer months. We all know how much kids love to draw, paint, scribble, and doodle – it’s a great pastime but also leaves you with piles of little masterpieces that are hard to throw away. Signature Homes has gathered a few creative ways to keep the kids busy and make keepsakes to adorn your walls! Here are a few of the many pins on our Kid’s Corner Board:

Turn Toddler Scribbles into Art: Can’t part with all those pages and pages of toddler scribbles? You can easily turn them into a cute keepsake full of memories in no time at all. Simply paint a blank canvas with the color of your choice, select a pattern or two and neatly cut out your toddler scribbles, then arrange and mod podge on the canvas. These little masterpieces will add a personal touch to any room.

Make a Miniature Collection: Multiple little artists or too many pieces to pick from? Select several special pieces of artwork from the summer and scan them, shrink them into a desired size template, print, and then frame your miniature collection! Kids love to see their drawings printed and framed, plus you can create several templates and switch out every so often.

Repainting Thrift Store Canvases for Kid Made Art: Let your little ones go wild on their very own life size canvas. Thrift Stores are the perfect place to pick up framed canvas artwork at a ridiculously low price. You can either paint over the artwork or let the kids paint directly on the current piece. Give them oil pastels, chalk, glitter, markers or metallic media and watch the magic unfold. After they are finished, it’s ready to hang and bring color to any space.

Hand and Foot Print Paintings: Kids love painting their hands and feet and stomping around and it’s amazing how you can cleverly turn those little digits into custom collections. From animals to bouquets and rockets to monsters, here are a few ideas to get you started. Use a canvas or thick art paper and frame up those wiggly tootsies for all to see!

For more details on all ideas mentioned above, please visit our Signature Homes Pinterest Boards with pins for the wee ones in your life on our Kid’s Corner Board from pointer finger superhero puppets, paper plate people to craft stick bookmarks. Visit often for new home and lifestyle inspiration with tons of tips and pins.

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