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Peppermint is giving cinnamon a run for its money as the stand-out spice of the season this year. Traditionally you think of peppermint as only candy canes, but the sweet mint flavor is finding its way into bark, cookies, cakes and ice cream.  Even drinks are joining the candy cane craze with peppermint eggnog punch. Whether you pop a minty marshmallow in your hot cocoa or snack on scrumptious star mint meringues, peppermint makes the perfect way to end an evening in front of a warm fire. Here are a few delicious peppermint inspired recipes for this holiday season.

Peppermint Swirl Fudge: Indulge in candy-shop flavor with these rich swirled squares. For a touch of holiday color, add crushed peppermint candies and red food coloring.

Double-Chocolate Peppermint Biscotti: One of the yummiest flavor combinations – chocolate and mint – come together in this biscotti recipe. Crushed peppermint candy makes a pretty and crunchy topper.

Star Mint Meringues: For an easy holiday sweet, try these light and airy peppermint-laced meringues. Prep takes just 20 minutes and only six ingredients are required.

Candy-Cane Marshmallows: Give out homemade treats that are incredible in a cup of warm hot cocoa.  These fluffy marshmallows are easy to make and fun to swirl with a quick marbleizing technique.

Candy Cane Bark: Who can resist milk chocolate and crisp bites of minty candy canes?  This candy is so simple to make that the kids can help.  It also makes a great party favor or stocking stuffer.

Has your candy cane crush kicked in yet? Next time you see a candy cane hanging from a tree, your mind will be spinning with ideas on how to bring these peppermint swirled magic treats into your holiday traditions lineup. Happy Holidays!

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