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Fresh flowers can bring life to your table or home décor. With the right vessel and the tips below, your inner arranger can finally bloom and you can create gorgeous centerpieces for your Signature home with a professionally polished touch.

Decision Making Prep:

– Choose a location. Consider the purpose and location of the arrangement, so you can choose flowers and a vessel to match.

– Select a vessel. Almost any type of container can be used for a flower arrangement, as long as it’s suitable for the height, weight and look of the flowers being used. Use creative recycled containers, vintage water pitchers, tins, etc. Read up on some Vase Basics here.

– Pick your flowers. Use in-season flowers. Give your arrangement texture by adding foliage. When picking your flowers, check for the usual signs of flower fatigue—damaged, torn, browning, or wilting. Pro tip: Use an odd number of each variety of flowers in each layer.

Start Arranging:

– Prepare the vessel. Always scrub and rinse vessels before or after each use.

– Add water. Add cool water and flower food to your vessel. Pro tip: Arrange on a lazy Susan so you can turn the vessel and see your display from all sides.

– Cut & Trim. Cut an inch off the stems at a 45 degree angle to help absorb water better. Strip any foliage that may fall below the water line. Pro tip: Make your bouquet taller than its container by about one and a half times.

– Begin with your foliage. Insert a few stems pointing them in different directions. The foliage stems will anchor the rest of you arrangement.

– Add your more dominant, focal flowers. Start by placing the largest, longest flowers towards the center. Pro tip: Let flowers go in the direction it wants to go.

– Add your secondary flower to begin filling holes. Keep adding flowers variety by variety and work in a circle. Pro tip: As you build, take a step back every once in a while to make sure no empty spots or holes need to be filled.

– Finishing touches. As you near the completion of the arrangement, make sure to observe it from all angles and consider what may be missing. Use foliage, extra stems, or leaves to fill in any gaps.

Keep your arrangement away from direct sunlight. As flowers die, take them out to allow more space for other flowers to open up. For a longer lasting bouquet, cut the stems every couple of days and add fresh water to your vessel. Happy arranging!

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