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Whether you’ve already found your dream Signature Home(s) or are still on the hunt, it’s never too early to start strategizing the moving process. While settling in a new home is exciting, it’s not always easy. Nevertheless, below are a few tips to make it better:

Purge & Declutter

Before you start putting things into boxes, look at everything you own individually to decide what you want to take to the new place and what no longer suits you. Not only you’ll be able to start your life in the new home fresh, but you can also save your moving budget as you won’t need as many boxes and/or help to move them!

Overestimate Supplies

Once you’ve figured out how many boxes, rolls of packing tape and bubble wrap you’ll need, round it up to a higher number. It’s always easier to return leftovers than getting interrupted to take multiple trips to the store. You can also use your clothes or towels to wrap fragile items like glassware.

Minimize Heavy Lifting

Put lighter items in bigger boxes and heavier items in smaller boxes. Once you transport your belongings to your new home, you don’t want to be left with big heavy boxes you have to bring in but can’t lift. Fitting heavy things into small boxes will not only protect them from breaking but will also protect your back.

Color Code

Assign a color to each room of your new home. When packing, tape a piece of colored tape to each box based on which room they are going to. When you get to your new place, label the door of each room with the corresponding color so your movers or friends easily know where to place each box.

Pack Essentials Separately

Be realistic. It will take a few days for your new home to get perfectly organized. Pretend that you’re going on a week-long trip and pack your suitcase so you can have all of your essentials in one place. For kids who’re heading back to school during the move, make sure you leave your old house with their backpacks fully packed with necessary books and school supplies to save time in the mornings.

Unpack Your Bedroom First

Prioritize your bedroom to be set up first so after a long day of moving and organizing you can relax and get well-deserved rest in your own bed, and not an air mattress.

Tour our communities today to find the perfect new home. No matter which home you choose, with these tips, you’ll be feeling settled in no time!

Yours Truly,

Signature Homes

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