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Refresh your Signature home for spring! Spring is a season of fresh starts, roots and blooms – and the perfect time for a spring spruce up. We listed a few ways to incorporate the fresh new season into your Signature home, making your home fresher and spring inspired:

Add Plants. Add an al fresco feel while boosting happy vibes by incorporating plants into your home. Here are ten ideas on how to pick the best plants for your spring home.

Succulent Wreath. A stunning succulent wreath will make a fresh spring statement on your Signature front door.

Freshen up the Front Porch. A quick clean-up of furniture, windows and floor of your porch and patio will give immediate gratification. Add a new welcome mat and maybe a colorful potted plant and you’re spring ready.

Plant a Terrarium. Terrariums are easy to make, a great oxygen booster and will be a great conversation piece when gracing your desk, dining room table or any other well-lit spot. 

Fresh Flowers. Celebrate spring with beautiful arrangements of fresh flowers bringing energy to any space. Your home will smell lovely and your home will instantly look like its already spring. 

Mini Living Picture. Put your green thumb to use and perk up your indoor space by creating your own beautiful hand crafted living mosaic picture frame to liven up any space.

Spring Scents. Channel natural vibes inside your home with spring flower-based scented candles.

Wearable Planters. Wouldn’t it be nice to carry a plant in your pocket, close to your heart? These cool ideas are perfect for your flora friends to hang out on your finger or around your neck.

All in the Accents. Add a new rug, throw pillows, vase, knick knack or any other accent to give your space a whole new look.

Wine Cork Succulents: Add a little green to your indoor space with these eye-catching DIY wine cork succulents. They can serve as fun fridge magnets from a great bottle of wine.

Lighten Up. Switch out heavy bedding for lighter quilters and covers – not just in weight but in color too.

Air Plants: Air plants look great alone as centerpieces, chandeliers, in baskets, as wall art or in terrariums. They are easy to grow and care for with endless display possibilities.

Clear Clutter. You’ll feel lighter if you clear all countertops from clutter. Give everything a place and keep it there.

Indoor Herb Gardens: Nothing beats the smell of fresh herbs sprouting up right in your home. They are easy to grow and use all around the house.

Break Out The Color. Longer days and warmer temperatures make spring the best time to play with color. Add little pops of color throughout the room to create an atmosphere that screams spring.

Bring in the Botanicals. From wallpaper to wall art and rugs to framed leaves, dig into these 25 ways to turn your home into a botanical paradise.

Wash Windows. Clean windows and mirrors will make for a lighter, brighter home. For an added dose of brightness, clean your light fixtures during your spring cleaning.

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