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Congratulations, you have the keys to your new Signature home and now it’s time to unpack! But where do you start? The kitchen! This is the heart and soul of every home, where you gather first thing in the morning and later in the evenings around the table to share about your day. It’s a place to make memories teaching your children recipes passed down from relatives. So it’s only natural that your kitchen must be organized first. A new kitchen is a blank slate; so take the time to arrange your kitchen spaces in a systematic fashion. It will make your life easier in the long run. Or, if you’re a long time Signature homeowner, it maybe time for a #kitchen refresh. Either way, dig into these tips and try using these techniques in your home.  #Kitchendesign #Organize

Sort & Purge:
Empty all of your moving boxes or cabinets and place them in the center of the room. Discard all extra and unnecessary items that you haven’t used for years. Toss out any items that are missing pieces, broken or chipped. Items that are in good condition can be donated to charity.

Designate Spaces:
Explore your Signature kitchen and mentally designate specific zones for preparation, cleaning, baking, cooking, storage and so on. Will the beautiful granite slab countertop by the sink make the perfect spot for daily used items? Does your kitchen feature a walk-in pantry to stock up on all your kitchen essentials? Will your convenient kitchen island be used for storage or a daily dining area? Make a note of how you want to arrange your goods and what goes where.

Protect With Lining:
Before placing your kitchen supplies in their proper place, clean all spaces and line the bottom of your drawers and custom cabinets with gripped shelf liner. Liners provide stability to the base of the cabinet or drawer, keeping the items from slipping and falling.

Store Items by Use:
Arrange your kitchenware by frequency of use, with most often used items in a place that is easy to reach and special-occasion stored in higher cabinets or above the refrigerator. Store items on separate shelves so that you can easily tell when you are about to run out of something: snacks, canned goods, cooking supplies and so on.

Clear the Counters:
Start with clean and clear counters. Store small appliances and get rid of any non-essential countertop decor. Only keep functional and essential items to your daily kitchen living on your countertops.

Cooking Zone:
Cooking utensils, pots, pans and spatulas are best stored as close to the range as possible. Knives and chopping boards should also be stored near your prep area. The spices, oils, and seasonings that you need on a daily basis should also be stored somewhere nearby and easily accessible. Consider utilizing a spice rack, this way you can find the correct spice by pulling them all out at once, then neatly returning the ones you don’t need.

Baking Zone:
To save time, bakers may want to store flour, sugar, baking powder, measuring cups and spoons, mixing bowls, and rolling pins near the baking area. This way when you are baking a recipe, you don’t have to open every cabinet searching for similar ingredients. This will make the clean-up process easier as well. A large Signature kitchen island would make an ideal spot to roll out those delicious desserts! 

Think Alike:
Store common items together, such as plates, bowls and cups in the same cupboard. Tupperware that you use for storing leftovers can be stored in a separate drawer or plastic bin, along with their lids. Place plastic bags, aluminum foil, and saran wrap together near the refrigerator to make quick work of storing away leftovers.

Bottom Heavy:
When organizing your items in your cabinets, group the larger, heavier items in the bottom cabinets and you’ll have an easier time taking them in and out of your cabinet. Stack your pots and pans on one side of the space and the lids on the other. Lid racks can collect the tops to various pots and pans.

Utilize Drawers for Utensils:
Drawer organizers keep cutlery neatly separated, so you never have to rummage around for what you need. Dividers can section off the drawer so each utensil has its designated spot.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Close:
Store your cleaning supplies, dishwashing products, extra rags and towels under the sink so they are out of the way yet easily accessible. If you have little ones in the house, there are a variety of locks to add to your cabinets to keep them safe.

Now that you have your Signature kitchen just the way you want it, make sure you take the time to clean out your drawers and cabinets at least 1-2 times a year to refresh your spaces. For the first few days after organizing, you can label all your drawers and cabinets with sticky notes so that everyone in your family gets used to where things are stored in your new kitchen. You can always take them down once everyone is familiar with the new space.

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