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May is host to several opportunities to thank special people in our lives including: National Teacher Appreciation Day, National Military Spouse Appreciation Day, National Nurses Day, and of course Mother’s Day. Here are a few simple ways to inspire you to get planning and say thank you this month.

Bring a Bouquet. Vibrant blooms and fun garden gifts are the perfect way to celebrate a special day. Flower arrangements from the garden are as special as they are easy. 

Write a note. Take time and care to craft the perfect message of appreciation, and write it neatly by hand. Finding a lovely card in the mailbox or on the desk is a nice surprise. 

Offer praise. It feels good to be told, “You are awesome.” or “You really helped me today.” It feels even better to hear it in front of other people. 

Bring the beans. Your favorite person may benefit from delicious coffee beans, high-quality cocoa mix or a special tea blend. 

Small gift, big smiles. Leave a small, inexpensive gift: a flower, an origami crane, a hand-drawn doodle, or a smiley face on a post-it. Any small gesture can make a big difference. 

Create a card. Create Memory Links by writing memories–both old and new–on strips of pretty paper and attach them together with glue. You will both enjoy reading them together. 

Stress relief. Anything to help relieve stress is a great gift: spa treatment, mini back massager, or aromatherapy candles. 

Treat for your feet. Comfy slippers or foot massaging spa can be a great treat for deserving feet. 

Special piece of artwork. Homemade gifts are a hit because they’re all about thought and effort. 

Movie night. Pop some kettle corn, grab favorite flick snacks and relax! You can also create a special night by crafting a gift basket of DVD or movie tickets, bagged popcorn, snacks and drinks.

Lend a laugh. Have your kids fill out a funny questionnaire and spend time reading it together. The funniest things come straight from the mouths of kids.

Game night. Whether its board games, video games, card games, or sport games, gather the favorites for a fun night. Make snacks and drinks to pair with the evening of games in your Signature home.

Lunch done right. There’s no better way to say thank you than through an empty stomach. Whether it’s a homemade feast or a giftcard, it will be much appreciated. 

Make it last. Why not go back to the classic “coupon book” that worked so well for us in the past? Make a coupon book offering to complete chores around the house, help at recess for a teacher, donating supplies or baking a special treat.

Share it. Reach out to their boss and report how amazing they are and how much they changed your life. A little praise can make a big difference in a teacher or nurse’s day-to-day.

Helping hands. Teachers and nurses are constantly washing hands, so a nice tub of shea butter may be the perfect gift to soothe dry hands.

Say thanks. Tell someone face to face how much they mean to you. Everyone wants to be appreciated and simply saying those two words can mean more than any gift you can buy.

Secret stickie. Put a stickie note somewhere random that’ll make someone smile.

And remember, any day is a good day to show appreciation and kindness to the important people in your life.

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