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Rock painting is rapidly becoming a bit of a phenomenon with adults and children leaving them in places to be found by others. It’s a simple act of kindness that’s making a big impact in communities across the country. September 28th is National Good Neighbor Day and what better way to celebrate than rocking your neighborhood!? Let Signature Homes give you the scoop on the how rock painting is connecting families nationwide and how you can get involved.

How does it work?
Organized by state, county or town, the groups often originate on Facebook, gathering local members who wish to join in the fun of painting rocks, hiding rocks and hunting for rocks painted by others.

We’ve found a few Facebook groups in Signature community areas: Rohnert Park Rocks, Mountain House Rocks, Roseville Rocks, Livermore, CA Rocks!, Oakley Rocks, Natomas Rocks and  Gilroy Rocks.

How do I get involved?
It’s simple and fun! Paint rocks, hide rocks, find rocks.

 – Pick a rock from your garden or head to your local home and garden center to get started. Use acrylic paints with brushes, paint pens, permanent pens, puffy paint or any other media you choose. Get creative and paint a design, character, positive quote or anything you think will put a smile on the finder’s face. There’s lots of ideas out there if you are having a creative rock block. Try a ladybug, fish, or an owl.

– Tag the back of your rock with the Facebook group or hashtag of your local rock painting group so people can share where they found your rocks. Use a gloss sealant to protect your artwork.

 – Visit your local rock group for ideas on where to hide. Rocks should be hidden on public property only, unless you have specific permission from the property owner to hide your rocks on or inside their property. Stores, restaurants, and other businesses are private property so be sure you respect them as such. Be mindful that your rock is not somewhere that it could cause damage.

– Sharing pictures online of rocks you have made as well as clues about where they are hidden makes it a social project.

 – Not only is it fun to make and hide the rocks, it is great to go find them too. If you find a painted rock in your neighborhood, you can either keep the rock or move it to somewhere else and be sure share your finds on social media. The artist who painted your rock will be just as excited to see that it’s been found as you are to have found it.

Rock painting groups are brightening the days of neighbors and strangers — one colorful rock at a time.

Being a good neighbor makes good neighbors and develops lifelong friendships. Why not celebrate by throwing a Block Rock Party? Here are some ideas for throwing a neighborhood gathering from the Signature Homes blog.

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Image credit: Roseville Rocks on Facebook

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