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You’re a proud new homeowner and once all the planning and unpacking is over, it’s time to celebrate by throwing your very first party in your new home. Hosting a housewarming soiree is a terrific way to meet new neighbors, introduce friends and family to your new house, and maybe show off your new Signature home (just a little).

Whether you’re a first time host or have been throwing parties for years, the key to a successful party is planning. A get together doesn’t have to be elaborate or formal, just well planned. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for fun gatherings to get you mixing and making new friends in the neighborhood.

Keep It Simple: Your gathering should suit your tastes and your new home. Don’t worry about using your finest dishes or serving ware, feel free to go with cute paper plates and cocktail napkins. Fresh flowers, soft music, lighting and comfortable seating make for a relaxing gathering. If you want to create an easy keepsake, try this unique idea that will add to your décor: have guests sign little rocks, when the party is over, display them in a decorative bowl and keep the memory forever.

Invites: Whether you’re inviting neighbors around the block or down the street – short, simple + sweet invites are ideal for dropping in the mail, on a porch or handing out at a community meeting to give the what, where and when. You might consider getting invitations printed that can also serve as “new address” cards like the ones shown below. This will save you from sending another change of address card out later.

Tours: An alternative option to giving tours of your new home every time a new family or friend arrives is to let guests wander freely around on their own. You can post ‘Welcome’ signs in each room giving a quick overview of any special features of the room you want to share and answering the most obvious questions that people will ask – this will save you from having to answer the same questions and free up time to make your rounds to visit all of your guests. If you have an empty space, leave a note to ask for ideas to fill it up!

Food + Drinks: Finger foods are the most important element of any soiree and although housewarming parties are casual and usually limited to cocktails and appetizers, that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you plan out your menu:

– Keep the appetizers simple and, if possible, prepare them ahead of time. Keep extras prepared and on hand to replenish quickly throughout your event.

– Give your veggies or munchies a little flare by serving them in glass vases while using martini or wine glasses for the dip. Use tiered serving trays and stands to save room and create an elegant display of nibbles.

– Always keep a drink in hand, that goes for your guests too. Prepare a large batch of sangria, or margaritas to avoid individual drink mixing. Add cocktail name tags to dress up your drinks.

– A fun idea that impresses adults and kids alike is a DIY bar. A gourmet popcorn bar is easy – just pop some corn and layout a variety of seasonings and toppings that guests can use to create their own “gourmet” popcorn.

And remember, the most important thing about a housewarming party is to relax, have fun, enjoy your new Signature home and be grateful for your friends and family. Need some design inspiration for your new home? Visit our Signature Homes Design Inspiration Pinterest Board and view our projects and ideabooks on Houzz!

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