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The first day of spring is March 20 and what better way to usher in the fresh new season than by going green in your Signature home for upcoming Earth Day on April 22. There are many fun and easy ways to celebrate Earth Day that can actually make a difference all year long. We’ve gathered a few ideas to assist in planning an Earth Day celebration.

The key to an Earth Day party is making each element as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. Use environmentally friendly invitations, party decor, and party favors.

Verbal invites. Instead of wasting paper to invite guests, call them or send out invites via social media.

Plantable place cards. Use plantable seed place cards for that double as party favors.

Serve up eco-snacks. Mix up some trail mix (with raisins, sunflowers, peanuts, almonds, chocolate chips) assemble one of these cute flower-power veggie trays, or whip up a batch of these yummy Earth Day bars. Combine the picnic idea of finger foods and serve easy edibles in recycled containers. Glass jam jars make great serving jars, and you can put sliced cucumbers, whole green grapes, celery sticks, pickles, sliced kiwi and pears in them.

Make a green craft. Whether you turn a recycled can, jar or carton into a planter, upcycle a book wall or craft yourself a denim bracelet, try these green craft ideas to create your own eco-masterpiece.   

Get outside. Plan a group hike, nature walk with the kids, or plan a picnic in the park. 

Read green. Introduce your future environmentalist to issues like how to reduce your carbon footprint, protect endangered species, and recycle with these green books. Pick a book and read aloud to your little party guests. 

Seed swap. Have everyone bring a packet of seeds to swap at the event. Just put names in a hat and when the person’s name is drawn, they can pick a packet of seeds to take home and enjoy. 

Get planting. Whether you plant one tomato plant in a pot or a large garden of fruits and veggies, gardening with your kids will teach them about the cycles of nature and the beauty of growing your own food. Indoor herb gardens are also easy to grow and use all around the house.

Host an eco-swap. Gather up your friends and neighbors for a community swap where everybody brings a bag or two of stuff and then goes home with a bag or two of newish items in exchange. 

Recycling relay game. Talk to your kids about the items that wind up in the recycling bin and how they can be recycled into new products. Line up children in two teams facing two empty bins. Give each team an equal pile of recyclables such as empty plastic bottles, cereal boxes, etc. Tell each child as they step to the front of their line to toss an item into the appropriate bin for paper or plastic. The team that finishes with the most items making it into the correct bin wins.

Take the Earth Day pledge. On a piece of recycled poster board create a pledge promising to take care of the Earth, to recycle, to never litter, etc. Have the children help you create the pledge, and then invite each child to sign it. You can also let them decorate plain white t-shirts with fabric markers or eco-friendly fabric paint with their Earth Day resolutions. This is a great way to take responsibility for the planet that has been trusted to us.

Earth Day is the perfect day to talk to your kids about the green steps you take around the house to protect the planet and how they can help. Turning off lights and faucets, recycling, keeping the heat and air down low, and cleaning green are great ways to teach your kids about your family’s impact on the planet, and the steps that you can all take to minimize it. The possibilities to take easy eco-friendly steps in your everyday life are endless. Get creative and add a little more green in your life to reduce your carbon footprint and feel good about helping the Earth.

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