April is National Decorating Month, Tips for Decorating Your Home

April is National Decorating Month and an ideal time to brighten up your home. Celebrate this month by freshening up the décor in your Signature home and springing into the season with a mini makeover. We’ve listed 30 easy ways to revive your living space each day in April:

  1. Make your front porch inviting with potted plants, a new mat and new decoration around the front door.
  2. Place a small bench with colorful pillows and a coat rack at your entrance to invite your guests to stay a while.
  3. Guide your guests through your home with new stylish runners.
  4. Shop for a new rug in person to insure the color and texture are exactly what you are looking for.
  5. Re-arrange your furniture in u-shape groupings to invite conversation.
  6. Pick one drawer or cupboard and give it a big clean-out.
  7. Add in a few new photos or artwork to your gallery wall.
  8. Want to make your closet more organized? Buy all new hangers, all the same style.
  9. Give an old piece of furniture new life with a new paint job.
  10. Change out throw pillows and give your living area a completely new feel.
  11. Get a bar cart and stock it with all the best ingredients for summer cocktails.
  12. Lighten up any room by trading heavy fabrics for light and airy ones.
  13. Reshelf books, mixing horizontal stacks in with normal vertical volumes or organizing by color.
  14. Buy new bedding! Even a new duvet cover or shams will invigorate your bedroom.
  15. Change with the season and add pops of color using accessories in every room.
  16. Your rug should define the seating area with the legs of your furniture grouping fitting on it.
  17. Sprinkle a new color in a room, such as a pillow, a throw blanket, artwork, a tray, vases, etc.
  18. Change the knobs and drawer pulls on your kitchen or bath cabinets.
  19. Hang a mirror opposite a window or fantastic piece of art to double view or style in the room.
  20. Repaint, refresh and rejuvenate the walls with a new vibrant summer hue.
  21. Buy a tree, put it in a basket and place it in a bare corner.
  22. Add in a new shower curtain and bathroom rug for a fresh new look.
  23. Brighten up your office space with colorful desk accessories.
  24. Washing your windows will allow bright, clean sunshine inside.
  25. Give an old fan a new look by installing new blades or repainting them.
  26. Put your ceiling fixtures on dimmers for a comfortable and sophisticated feel.
  27. Repaint or wash the baseboards, door frames, outlet covers and light switches.
  28. Strategic placement of a mirror can add an enormous amount of natural light in your home.
  29. Inject pattern into a room with wallpaper for a fresh and easy update.
  30. Use plants to add color, texture, and life to every room.

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